OMM Exclusive

Purifying Balancing Cleansing Foam

RM37.50 MYR RM75 MYR

A cleanser formulated for increased cohesion to skin that effectively deep cleans clogged pores without over drying.  Forms a rich lather that balances the sebum and leaves you with a pleasant and calming sensation while it cleanses.

Cleans, stabilizes & softens skin, anti-inflammatory, matte & oil-free complexion

Dispense appropriate amount on palm. Wet and lather. Massage foam on face and rinse off with water. 

Active Lactobacillus
Enhance skin immunity, reduce dryness, peeling, inflammation, sensitivity etc.

Deep Sea Water
Rich in minerals, small molecular structure, easy absorption, rapid moisture replenishment

Soapwort Extract
Cleanse skin, anti-inflammation, repair damaged skin

Papaya Fruit extract
Improve immunity and antioxidant

Anti-aging, repair damaged skin , moisturize, enhance elasticity


(Exp: May'22)

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