OMM Exclusive

Gentleman Balance Emulsion

RM53.70 MYR RM179 MYR

Custom made for men, this smooth emulsion forms a protective moisture barrier on dry skin, leaving skin moist, healthy and revitalized.

  • Refreshing feel
  • Natural plant extracts to calm the skin
  • Provides pore, keratin, oil-balance care
  • Rich hydration for men's skin

Boosts immunity, calms and repairs, rehydrates, seals moisture, revitalizes

After toning, apply emulsion evenly on face, in the morning and evening.

Active Lactobacillus
Enhance skin immunity, reduce dryness, peeling, inflammation, sensitivity etc.

Deep Sea Water
Rich in minerals, small molecular structure, easy absorption, rapid moisture replenishment

Sage Extract
Antibacterial, repair damaged skin

Argan Seed Oil
Moisturize, enhance elasticity, promote skin regeneration, anti-aging (high Vitamin E content)

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract
Antioxidant, soothe, hydrate, anti-aging


(Exp: Nov'19)

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