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Crystal Superlative Classic Cushion (Natural)

RM67.50 MYR RM225 MYR

Soft Ultra-Light Texture, Long-lasting Perfect Coverage, Moisture Protection

Supreme cushion makeup that blends seamlessly into your skin for the perfect finish. Its natural and flawless coverage helps minimize the appearance of fine wrinkles and pores, brighten skin and protect against UV rays. Skin stays moist on the inside, and radiantly beautiful on the outside.

Provides the perfect cover and UV protection, long-lasting coverage, flawless finish

Soak up a proper amount of liquid foundation on the puff and pat evenly on the entire

Active Lactobacillus

Enhance skin immunity, reduce dryness, peeling, inflammation, sensitivity etc.

Deep Sea Water
Rich in minerals, small molecular structure, easy absorption, rapid moisture replenishment

Whitening, anti-inflammatory, inhibit melanin deposition, promote cell metabolism, prevent aging, repair skin, reduce dullness

White Chamomile Water
Strengthen capillary resistance, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, reduce aging

Hyaluronic Acid
Powerful moisturizing agent, effectively improve skin metabolism, leaves skin soft, smooth & elastic.

14g x 1pc with casing, 1pc refill pack

(Exp: Dec'19)

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