OMM Exclusive

Artist Eyebrow Pencil

RM25.50 MYR RM85 MYR

Delicately textured with natural oils to create exceptional brows. Fills up sparse brows and shapes them with a natural shade. Blends without over-building on colour.

Delicate and smooth, natural colour, long-wearing, stays without smudging

Using the tip of the pencil, define brow shape with individual light strokes. Then use the brush side of pencil to sweep brow into shape.

Active Lactobacillus

Enhance skin immunity, reduce dryness, peeling, inflammation, sensitivity etc.

Natural Mica
Minerals to naturally boost shiny visual effect

Jojoba Seed Oil
Moisturize, tighten skin, soften keratin, reduce inflammation

Palmetto Palm Wax
Thin, low viscosity, low resin content, uniform coating, good fluid performance, glossy finish, non-greasy


(Exp: Dec'19)

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