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Anti-Wrinkle Youth Recovery + Emulsion

RM159.50 MYR RM319 MYR

Lightweight, non-sticky emulsion to combat the signs of aging. Prevents moisture loss by forming an invisible film on your skin that locks in moisture through controlled hydration. Its powerful skin-energizing Adenosine and antioxidants, will award you with resilient and ageless skin.

Revives skin radiance, smooths, firms & lifts skin, soft moist sensation

After essence, apply emulsion on face in the morning and evening.

Active Lactobacillus
Enhance skin immunity, reduce dryness, peeling, inflammation, sensitivity etc.

Deep Sea Water
Rich in minerals, small molecular structure, easy absorption, rapid moisture replenishment

Promote metabolism, detoxify, enhance elasticity, prevent aging

Bee Balm Flower Extract
Detoxify, anti-inflammatory

Angelica Extract
Promote metabolism, detoxify, whitening


(Exp: May'22)

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