OMM Cosmetics: Korea’s FIRST Lactobacillus Fresh Skin Care

The OMM logo stamped on paper.Get ready for a new era of beauty as OMM changes the way you look at skincare!
Different from other products in the market, OMM, with its unique “Fresh Skin Care” concept, is ranked among Korea’s most popular cosmetic brands.
Based on our cutting-edge technology in in the beauty industry, each product undergoes the most stringent research and testing, resulting in only the finest quality made from premium ingredients.
OMM’s extensive range of products is rich in Bioactive Lactobacillus, a good type of bacteria, which boosts skin’s immunity while protecting skin from harm.

Reveal your skin’s true radiance and youth naturally – witness the transformative power of Lactobacillus with OMM.

Historic Korean women dancing to celebrate, illustrating OMM's long standing history.
A skincare brand, built upon the foundation of Korea’s most historic ingredient. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period in ancient times, Korean soybean paste (doenjang) was a highly-worshipped ingredient, even recorded in medicinal tomes like Dongui Bogam for its extraordinary health benefits. After centuries of waiting, OMM is finally here.

People often wondered: what’s the secret behind this mysterious soybean paste, preciously regarded as a national treasure?
After continuous research and exploration, scientists have discovered that soybean paste contains a good bacteria known as Lactobacillus. Over the years, Lactobacillus became recognized and regarded as a healthy ingredient, and can now be found in all OMM products.

In 1926, Korean Crown Prince Lǐ Yín and Crown Princess Fāng Zi travelled to Europe. While in France, their royal physician O Rén Yì saw a piece of Normandy cheese lying on their dinner table and found that it contained Lactobacillus Casei, which supported skin health. He proposed the idea of adding soybean paste Lactobacillus into skincare products. Unfortunately, the lack of scientific knowledge in his time stifled his idea.

Even so, OMM was still destined to be born in this magical land!



OMM undergoes an intricate production path, beginning from a formula to the final delivery of finished goods to consumers. Fresh skincare products are highly sensitive to temperature and time influence, making bulk production for mass demand unfeasible under ordinary manufacturing methods. This problem was aggravated by the Lactobacillus’ low survival rate and having its active component penetrate our skin.

Nevertheless, under the unrelenting efforts of OMM’s team of experts, all major problems were eventually solved. On top of that, notable enhancements in product efficacy, permeability and functions such as moisturizing, repairing and soothing were made.

Like a mother’s steadfast love, OMM is always dedicated to doing more. OMM’s next reach to new heights is to eradicate the harmful skin effects of conventional cosmetic.

OMM – Give Your Skin Mom’s Loving Care!

In 2010, OMM ultimately succeeded in adding live Lactobacillus strain into its products, becoming the world’s first Korean ‘Fresh Skincare’ brand to offer Lactobacillus in all its cosmetic lines.


  • Natural Bioactive Lactobacillus = Boosts skin’s immunity
  • Korean Gangwon-do Deep Sea Water = Improves hydration


Produced from fermentation, Lactobacillus is a good bacteria that is proven to effectively boost the performance of skincare products by supporting their core functions. It strengthens skin’s immunity by forming a protective film of healthy flora on the surface while targeting issues from deep within. The Lactobacillus used in OMM products is plant-based, derived from rice, milk and soy. As the world’s first complete line of Lactobacillus fresh skin care, all OMM products, including skincare, bodycare, haircare and even makeup, contain this iconic Lactobacillus bacteria.

Harvested from the depths of the sea, 605m below the surface around Gangwon Island, Korea, this mineral-rich water is used in all OMM products. Brimming with comfort and nourishment, the unique mineral composition of Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese and Selenium mimics the foetal amniotic fluids inside an expecting mother’s belly. 16 times more effective than other deep sea waters, Gangwon-do Deep Sea Water promotes skin’s metabolism, balancing its natural water-to-lipid ratio for lasting hydration and vitality.